“When ministry becomes performance, then the sanctuary becomes a theater, the congregation becomes an audience, worship becomes entertainment, and man’s applause and approval become the measure of success. But when ministry is for the glory of God, his presence moves into the sanctuary. Even the unsaved visitor will fall down on his face, worship God, and confess that God is among us (1 Corinthians 14:25).”
– Warren and David Wiersbe

A friend posted this to their Facebook page this morning. I find it profound not only for its orientation to God during worship, but it also for the richness of our Episcopal liturgy which gives thanks to God through music, prayer, and Holy meal. I had a mentor who once told me that when I stopped worshiping God as I was leading the service, it was time to either re-group or retire. Fortunately that it has seldom happened, mostly because I preside in a congregation that knows that worship is for the Glory of God no matter where or how we gather and no matter the tears and the laughter. Thanks be to God!

As always, I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday,


The readings this Sunday can be found here. http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearA_RCL/Pentecost/AProp27_RCL.html. There are only three more weeks until the end of the year and our readings come from the last few chapters of the Gospel of Matthew which we have been working our way through this past year. Come the 3rd of December we will begin a new liturgical year with Advent 1 and our year of reading the Gospel of Mark.

Bring something for the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank barrel. It is almost full and we’ll call them to collect as soon as it overflows! Tuna, peanut butter, rice, pasta, chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. are great choices.

Veteran’s day is November 11th. We will remember our veterans with prayers and if you served in the military, please wear some token of your service (service cap, medals, the full uniform if it still fits!) and we will give thanks.

If you are a Veteran, there will be a Veteran’s Pilgrimage – A Journey of Remembrance, Reflection and Prayer on Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 10am – noon at St. Mark’s Cathedral, 1245 Tenth Ave East, Seattle. Bring a token/icon of your service. There will be a light lunch served. Please RSVP to Brian Wright at deacon@stjohnskirkland.org or 206-325-4200 ext 3507.


PHOTO DIRECTORY– November 17, 18, & 19

A new photo directory! It’s been over 3 years since we’ve updated the photo directory. Loren will take pictures the weekend of November 17/18/19. If you’re thinking of doing a family photo for a Christmas present, this might be something to think about. It will be nice to have a new directory available. Signups are on-going.


Music Sunday is being rescheduled for January 2018 due to busy schedules and not enough time to practice some of the music. If you are already working on your offering of music & song please talk with Julie Royson.


Please see the attached flyer for this fall’s Clothes for the Cause drive. We will be collecting clothing & other fabric items (see flyer) for the next several weeks. Please print off the flyer and share it with friends, neighbors, gym club, school, etc. This has been an easy way to raise additional funds and we also turn around and give some of it back to the community through our outreach programs. We will donate the items just prior to Thanksgiving.

We will start passing around a sign-up sheet so that our Sunday School program can continue while we are awaiting the Spirit to send us just the right person to fill the role of Christian Ed Director. First off, please pray for that person to find our job posting. Next, please sign up to share with one other person, about 45 minutes (max) with our children each Sunday. With any luck you will only have to do this once or twice. Pair up to read the lesson (it’s all ready for you) and select an activity to reinforce what you’ve read. Leaders & children will join the rest of the congregation at the Peace and the sermon will be available following worship.

Shannon & Larry Loughrey have a request if you (or someone you know) has extra space to rent. Their former pastors from Kent have had a single Iranian refugee woman living with them for about nine months. She works out here in North Bend at McDonald’s. They live in Kent. She is trying to find a room to rent out here in North Bend or Snoqualmie. Do you have any connections or ways that I could get the word out to people? I think she can pay $4-$500 per month. Thank you!

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