This Sunday we will celebrate the Feast of All Saints’. The day is part of a three-day celebration of all the Saints of God. All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), All Saints’ Day, and the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed, known also as All Souls’ Day, and in Mexico as Dia de los Muertos. See below for more.

ALL SAINTS DAY November 1, celebrates the Saints with a capital “S.” These are our ancestors in faith recognized by the Church as shining examples of Christian living – the light of Christ in their generations. We have travelled through the cycles of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lent, Holy Week, Easter. Now, the long season after Pentecost nearly over, the liturgical year draws to a close. Our lives are shaped by this annual journey through the Mystery of Christ. On All Saints’ Day, the Church gives thanks for the holy women and men who, one with us in the great communion of all the saints, are our guides, examples and companions on the way.
ALL SOULS DAY November 2 (All the Faithful Departed) celebrates the saints with a small “s.” They are the untold numbers of unsung Christian women and men who lived anonymous, faithful lives, loving and serving Christ wherever and however they could. And they are the departed family members, godparents, friends, mentors, teachers, who have been the light of Christ to us, who have helped us grow into the stature of Christ by their love and example. On All Souls’ Day, we give thanks for these holy women and men who are also one with us in the great communion of all the saints, and continue to be our guides, examples and companions on the way.
Recognizing that all Christians are saints and Saints in the making, many parishes choose to celebrate all the saints, known and unknown, ordinary and extraordinary, on All Saints’ Day. Both days proclaim Resurrection, the Mystery of risen life in Christ, which begins in our earthly life and continues beyond our death, when life is changed, not ended. When we celebrate the Eucharist, when we gather at the altar/table of our holy feast, we have a vision and foretaste of that heavenly banquet even now being celebrated by all the saints, where there is no capital and small “s” but one communion of the blessed children of God rejoicing and alive. ~The Rev. Canon Janet Campbell

We will celebrate the day by remembering those in our lives that have gone on before us in the great Communion of Saints. We will renew our baptismal vows as this is normally a day when the Church offers baptisms.

And Sunday AM is also the day to turn the clocks back and change out the batteries in your smoke detectors! That’s a lot to cover on a Sunday morning when the threat of snow & the prospects of winter rains & snow are clearly upon us, BUT, you get that hour back, so enjoy it with gratitude!


Many, many thanks, to everyone from the St. Clare’s family, who worked so hard to make last week’s Harvest Festival such a great success! To all of you who were able to attend, and especially to those who brought delicious dishes to share, and/or to auction, as well as those who bid on those items; plus those who brought friends and neighbors to share in the festivities, thank you!!! Here are some great pictures from the evening. See below for a thank-you from Lydia.
I would particularly like to thank Jill Jueling, Cindy and Larry Remick, Mary Fairbrook, Cynthia and Paul Yarnton, Anne Neilson, Judy Bullard and Shirley Pozzato, for all your help in decorating and/or setting up. Thanks also, to Loren Baker for your photography; Jill and Cynthia for your successful silent auction, plus Abbie and Mary for counting; Cindy, for your help with the dessert auction; Mary, Hannah, and the youth group for the children’s activities; and to all of you joyful souls who came in costume! (Congratulations, to Ava and Beth for winning the costume contest as “Thing One and Thing Two!”) Thanks also, to Mary Thomas, who despite being unable to make it, still came through with her delicious devilled eggs, which were a big hit! And finally, to our Vicar, Patty, and to everyone else who so kindly, and efficiently worked behind the scenes to help clean up the hall afterwards, thank you so much! I hope that you will all join us again, next year!

For those who are interested in some of the events that happened at Convention last weekend, feel free to talk to Julia Richman or Patty. We can still claim him as our own, and Jeff Waters provided the watercolor painting for the cover of the Worship Booklet based on the elements in bread. Maybe he’ll send us a copy and I’ll post it next week. Bishop Greg’s Address can be found here: (transcript):

Abbie Crane and Jill Jueling will finish up their terms as members of the Bishop’s Committee. We will miss their leadership, so please offer them your thanks! We will need to replace these two positions beginning in January 2018 for 3-year terms. Please prayerfully consider running and if the Spirit nudges you, feel free to talk with Patty or any member of the Bishop’s Committee. (Abbie, Jill, Judy Bullard, Cynthia Yarnton, Holly Miller, Cindy Remick, or Julie Royson.)


Music Sunday is coming November 19th. There are several people who are already working on their offering of music & song to make our worship that day joyful. If you’d like to participate, please talk with Julie Royson.

PHOTO DIRECTORY – November 18 & 19

A new photo directory! It’s been over 3 years since we’ve updated the photo directory. Loren is willing to take pictures the weekend of November 18/19. If you’re thinking of doing a family photo for a Christmas present, this might be something to think about. Otherwise, it’s always good to have directories available for newer members to get to know us. Signups start this Sunday.

Shannon & Larry Loughrey have a request if you (or someone you know) has extra space to rent. Their former pastors from Kent have had a single Iranian refugee woman living with them for about nine months. She works out here in North Bend at McDonald’s. They live in Kent. She is trying to find a room to rent out here in North Bend or Snoqualmie. Do you have any connections or ways that I could get the word out to people? I think she can pay $4-$500 per month. Thank you!


Please see the attached flyer for this fall’s Clothes for the Cause drive. We will be collecting clothing & other fabric items (see flyer) for the next several weeks. Please print off the flyer and share it with friends, neighbors, gym club, school, etc. This has been an easy way to raise additional funds and we also turn around and give some of it back to the community through our outreach programs. We will donate the items just prior to Thanksgiving.

Contact Diane Lindstrand for more information
Delivering the Community Service Social Gifts – (I need help!) After each project, the gifts the echo kids make need to be delivered to the recipients and 6 to 8 photos need to be taken that can be shared with the youth on poster boards in every cottage. You know how much it means to the kids to be able to actually see the smiles of those that THEY were able to encourage. Next up will be taking rice pillows to local tent cities: (Kids at Echo will be delivering to Tent City 4 again this year.) Gifts can be delivered anytime between Nov 17th through Dec.
Giving Trees – the wonderful staff at Echo Glen has so many ideas on how to help the youth rewrite the scripts of their lives. Know any group that would consider ‘adopting’ some items on a wish list? Any gifts would actually benefit many many youth and over many years rather than going to just one youth. Here are the wish lists
Sweets and encouragement – the residents look forward to sharing desserts after each of our socials. The kids have loved getting individually wrapped desserts with a tag/card attached thanking them for their kindness in encouraging others-in-need. Verses and inspiring quotes are further encouragement to them. Next dates Nov 16th & 30th.
Let me know if you have a small group or if your family would like to help boost the self-esteem of the youth.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially hard times to be away from family and incarcerated. Thank you for considering who you could share the invitation to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these kids during the holiday season!

We will start passing around a sign-up sheet so that our Sunday School program can continue while we are awaiting the Spirit to send us just the right person to fill the role of Christian Ed Director. First off, please pray for that person to find our job posting and apply. Next, please sign up to share with one other person, about 45 minutes (max) with our children each Sunday. With any luck you will only have to do this once or twice. Pair up to read the lesson (it’s all ready for you) and select an activity to reinforce what you’ve read. Leaders & children will join the rest of the congregation at the Peace and the sermon will be available following worship.

If you are a Veteran, there will be a Veteran’s Pilgrimage – A Journey of Remembrance, Reflection and Prayer on Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 10am – noon at St. Mark’s Cathedral, 1245 Tenth Ave East, Seattle. Bring a token/icon of your service. There will be a light lunch served. Please RSVP to Brian Wright at or 206-325-4200 ext 3507.

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