Many, but not all of you know that we sustained some significant soot damage just before Christmas due to trying a new liquid fuel sanctuary candle (the red vase near where we keep the reserve sacrament). Over about 3 weeks time, the fuel oil, which was guaranteed to be smokeless, soot-less, & paraffin free, caused much soot to go most everywhere, especially above the base-board heating elements, on the ceiling & most everywhere else. Thanks to Jeff Waters, Sheila Strehle, & Sue Peringer, we were able to clean the place up so that we could have Christmas Eve worship with minimal notice (Thank goodness it was dark!) The good news is it is not toxic, there was no damage to anything that can’t be fixed or cleaned, and our insurance will cover the costs of getting everything cleanup up. The Bishop’s Committee and the Diocese have been informed and we’ll proceed as quickly as possible – hopefully in a couple of weeks. This will not mean we have to worship anywhere else, but things might be a little disorganized for a bit.


Blessings to you all as this New Year begins. I look forward to worshiping with you all as we continue to Grow in God to Serve the Community!




This Sunday we will celebrate the coming of the Magi and the season of Epiphany. The readings can be found here:

Ministry Sunday!

We will double-dip into living the Gospel instead of just hearing it passively. Together we will make a nourishing Taco Salad meal for the homeless shelter which is located at Snoqualmie United Methodist until mid-month. We’ll also need a couple of people to take the food from our place to SUMC at 8pm Sunday night and serve it to the guests (probably an hour or so of your time). ALSO, Suzanne Taylor (our former musician) will be here to worship with us. Suzanne is now an RN at Harborview Hospital and we will provide her with a supply of clothes for some of the people she works with as they prepare to be discharged. Many of these folks come in with nothing but the clothes on their backs and they need to be disposed of for various reasons. Many of the clothes purchased so far have come from my discretionary account and the current coin bucket. If you have any useable (mostly) men’s clothes, shoes, boots, blankets, and even an unused tent lying around, please bring it to church this Sunday and we’ll add to the mix. We’ll bless everything and pass it on to those in need.


January 16th (Monday)

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. at Snoqualmie UMCMonday January 16th, 2 – 3:30 pm. Snoqualmie UMC is hosting this event organized by Kim Ewing of One Snoqualmie with big support from Carol Morrison. Speakers include Rebekah Demirel, Tod Marshal, Gary Schwarts, and Sinan Demirel. Music may include the Chancel Choir, and Bob and Laura Antone. More information is available through the flyer that’s attached and also theValley Record online: If you have questions, please contact Carol Morrison at 425-941-0334 or

January 22nd (Sunday)

St. Clare’s Annual Meeting

  • We will again integrate the meeting into our worship time followed by a brunch based on our Walk & Be Well stewardship activity this fall. Please plan to bring a dish from one of our winning countries (Thailand, India, Ethiopia) as well as a pair of new children’s shoes to be blessed and taken to the food bank in early 2017.
  • The Bishop’s Committee has asked three great people to fill 3-year terms for the next class of Bishop Committee members. They are Holly Miller, Judy Bullard, and Cindy Remick. Many thanks go to each of these women who have offered their time and talents to serve St. Clare’s in this way. We will be giving thanks for Nancy Byrnes, Jeff Waters, & Amy Workman as they finish up their terms.
  • The Cross of St. Clare (faithful service to St. Clare’s –  often without recognition) and the Ken Van Dine Liturgy (involvement in worship) awards will be presented at the meeting as well.
  • Hear about the 2017 budget and the wrap up of our 2016 Annual Campaign.
  • Brunch!!! Always a good time.


HURRY!!! Tomorrow is the final day to apply Shared by Peter Bullard     If anyone is looking for a part-time paid position (with the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank), this might be of interest. ​

Peter, Here is the info you requested about our job opening.  Thank you for your help and support. After some discussion at our Board meeting on Monday , it was decided that our new Operations Manager’s salary would start between $15-17, depending on experience. We will take applications until Jan 6th. See attached for job description and application process.     Karen Birzell

The Rev. Patty Baker

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