Blessings to you.

I’d like to invite you to join us as We Grow in God to Serve the Community. We are people of all ages who worship as one body in Christ, experience authentic fellowship, and serve God in the world.

Whether you’re a life-long Episcopalian or someone new to church, you will find an encouraging place to explore your faith. If you have questions you’ll find people willing to explore them without judging you. If you have a desire to serve others both in the church and out in the world, you’ll find people to work and serve beside you. If you want your children to know the stories of faith, you’ll find a place for them to learn. If you want relevant sermons and reverent worship you’ll find them in a relaxed and joy-filled community.

Each week as we gather around the table to share in the life of the Risen Christ, we are transformed into the people God hopes we will become. Our life together makes that possible. We believe we have something to offer you and your family AND we trust you have something to offer us.  May God richly bless you as you seek a place to explore your relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Reverend Patty Baker+