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What’s New at St. Clare’s – January 19, 2017

St. Clare’s Annual Meeting – THIS SUNDAY

The readings can be found here: http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearA_RCL/Epiphany/AEpi3_RCL.html

  • We will again integrate the meeting into our worship time followed by a brunch based on our Walk & Be Well stewardship activity this fall. Please plan to bring a dish from one of our winning countries (Thailand, India, Ethiopia) as well as a pair of new children’s shoes to be blessed and taken to the food bank in early 2017.
  • The Bishop’s Committee has asked three great people to fill 3-year terms for the next class of Bishop Committee members. They are Holly Miller, Judy Bullard, and Cindy Remick. Many thanks go to each of these women who have offered their time and talents to serve St. Clare’s in this way. We will be giving thanks for Nancy Byrnes, Jeff Waters, & Amy Workman as they finish up their terms.
  • Julia Richman has agreed to another term as Convention Delegate!
  • The Youth Group will make a presentation
  • The Cross of St. Clare (faithful service to St. Clare’s –  often without recognition) and the Ken Van Dine Liturgy (involvement in worship) awards will be presented at the meeting as well.
  • Hear about the 2017 budget and the wrap up of our 2016 Annual Campaign.
  • Brunch!!! Always a good time.



Soup Kitchen – February 15th from 9 – noon. Talk with Jeff Waters or Rick Woodruff for more information.

Would anyone like to take on this project? Please let me know. 

Love Letters from God

Hi Reverend Patty,

It’s that time again to send Love Letters from God to all the kids at Echo Glen. Would you be able to share the below invite with all the small groups at St Clare’s?  I’m praying God will move in a miraculously powerful way that glorifies Him and draws the youth’s hearts to Jesus this year!  Thank you! Susan

If you were an incarcerated youth, what could be more encouraging than knowing that in spite of all the bad choices you have made up to now, that there are people in the community that still have faith in you and are cheering you on? And more importantly, that their true Father – God cherishes them! That’s what we want to tell the kids at Echo Glen this Valentine’s Day – WE CARE and JESUS LOVES THEM.  We hope to give 10 hand-made Valentine’s cards/letters to each of the 140 boys and girls (about ¾’s are boys).  These can be made by your Sunday school youth, adults in their small groups or compassionate individuals. The cards can include personal notes of encouragement, simple drawings by a small child and/or uplifting quotes and scriptures such as:  Jesus Loves YOU; YOU are beautiful in God’s eyes; God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.  -St. Augustine.  All should be encouraging and inspirational – most of these kids have very low self-esteem.

To participate

  • Let me know how many different hand-made cards you/your group want to make

There are between 14 and 18 kids/cottage = 140 to 180 to adopt a full cottage

  • Make the cards anytime between now and Feb 13th.  We’ll get the first names of each youth Feb 9th or 10th (any sooner and too many new kids will have arrived or have been released)
  • Two options:

o   Give me the cards by Feb 9th and my small group will write their names and compile 10+ cards for the youth into a gift envelop/bag

o   Or, you/your group can add the names after the 9th to personalize the cards. It would be ideal if someone from your church could deliver the Valentines directly to Echo Glen on February 12th, 13th or 14th.  If not, we can work something out.

This is the one time each year where we can tell each and every incarcerated youth that God loves them unconditionally and plant seeds that He will allow others to water and harvest. Many of the youth tape the cards up all over their cell rooms and literally immerse themselves in the words you speak over them.  Your cards will have ripples into eternity!


Dear ones,   It is with great sadness that I write to you today. Early Saturday morning, an arsonist set fire to the Islamic Center of Eastside, horribly damaging a place of worship and a spiritual home for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Bellevue. A suspect has been arrested, and while we don’t yet know the motive of this terrible act of violence, we do know how important it is for us to come alongside this community and offer whatever support and assistance we can. We are working with several of our Bellevue congregations to determine how we can best offer our assistance. In the meantime, the Islamic Center of Eastside has a page set up to accept donations for the rebuilding of their facilities here. I also ask you to pray for those who call this mosque home, that they may find solace and strength in the midst of this difficult time.




The Rev. Patty Baker




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