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What’s New at St. Clare’s – November 17, 2016

Welcome to the final week/Sunday of the liturgical year. We have worked our way through most of the Gospel of Luke, the Old Testament prophets Isaiah, Amos, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Hosea, Daniel, & Joel plus the New Testament letters to the Galatians, Colossians, Hebrews, Philemon, I & II Timothy, & II Thessalonians. Did you realize we covered that much scripture? Next week, with the coming of Advent we will begin Year A in our three-year liturgical cycle. The gospel focus will be on Matthew. Stay tuned for more on this as the weeks unfold.

Much is going on this Sunday with our Annual Ingathering, the wrapping up of our Walk and Be Well stewardship program, and music Sunday.

To all of you who are taking off early for Thanksgiving, I pray you have a wonderful time with friends and family as you give thanks for all your blessings.


Gravel! Coming Monday between the hours of 11am and 2pm. If you have some time on your hands and a strong back, bring your rake and we’ll help the truck smooth things out. And if you have a need to buy landscaping items, please thank Nels Melgard from the Mt. Si Nursery who graded the parking lot as part of the preparation!

 Scripture Readings for this Sunday. http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearC_RCL/Pentecost/CProp29_RCL.html

Ingathering The Bishop’s Committee handed out letters and pledge cards last Sunday to kick off our Annual Giving Campaign for 2017. The rest were mailed yesterday. Please thoughtfully consider your pledge to St. Clare’s and the mission and ministry we provide to not only feed ourselves spiritually, but to follow Christ by caring for those in need. Extra cards will be available if you forget to bring yours with you.

Music Sunday We will be celebrating Music Sunday with some special offerings by several members. Please be sure to join us.

Pastries are here. Hannah Fairbrook has stocked the freezer with your purchases, so please remember to collect them Sunday after church!

Sanctuary We will remove our harvest themed décor after church this Sunday. If you can help for a few minutes, there will be some food to take to the Food Bank and perhaps some gourds if you’d like a few Thanksgiving decorations for your table. Many thanks again to Lydia Pozzato for her decorating skills! We are blessed.

Walk and Be Well  We’ve made it to Greece! Be there on Sunday to see our final destination. On December 10th we will celebrate with a potluck dinner. Please plan to attend even if you didn’t walk! Bring a dish to share from the winning destination and a pair of new children’s shoes (Target, Costco, StrideRite at the Outlet Mall). We’ll share in a good meal, have some fun, and donate the shoes to a bunch of needy kids!

 Caroling Are you interested in Caroling during the Christmas Season? We will schedule time at Red Oak, Regency, North Bend, and perhaps the Snoqualmie Hospital. If you would like to participate, please talk with Patty or Lydia Pozzato.


Snoqualmie Valley Winter Shelter is opening up THIS SUNDAY at the Snoqualmie United Methodist Church. Volunteer training will be available if you would like to help with evening registration, etc. That training will be held December 10th at their Bellevue office. For more information on our project visit the CFH web page: http://www.cfhomeless.org/volunteer-opportunities/ We will be providing meals as we have in the past and are looking at upcoming dates. If you would like to organize a meal for your group of friends, youth organizations, etc. Check out their signup page at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c4fa4a922a4fb6-svws. We will be making dinner on a Ministry Sunday event on January 8th. We will also be filling the bucket to stock the group with breakfast items, including: cereal, oatmeal, bread, butter, fruit,  pancake mix, soft breakfast bars, etc. They are also in need of backpacks! If you have any gathering dust, please drop them off at the day center (American Legion Post on River St in Snoqualmie) between 10-2pm, M or Th, or at the winter shelter between 8-10pm any night, starting this Sunday. (Both day pack and hiking packs are needed.) Attached is an info sheet from the new manager Charles McCarthy. If you have any questions feel free to call or text him at 425-503-2302.


Clothes for the Cause wrap up. We collected enough clothes during our last Clothing Drive to receive a $0.15 per pound ‘rebate.’ Last Sunday a deposit was made for $491.14. Many thanks to Amy Workman who organized the drive and everyone who brought in all those bags, and bags, and bags! The Bishop’s Committee committed 10% to Mission to Seafarers, so $50 will be sent to them to assist with this year’s project. The Episcopal Church has been a major supporter of this organization for many years. Check the link for more information. http://www.mts-seattle.org/

Mission to Seafarers’ annual Ditty Bag Day event will again take place at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in West Seattle. We will be packing bags together on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 10:00am. This year, we will be having a pot luck in combination with Ditty Bag Day, so along with bringing toiletry items for bag stuffing, also bring a dish to share! Each year the Mission to Seafarers in Seattle puts together thousands of Ditty Bags. These handmade gift bags full of toiletries and small gift items are for the seafarers that visit the Port of Seattle throughout the year. This year, the Mission to Seafarers hopes to put together 2,000 ditty bags. Not only is this a day for people of all ages and abilities to come together as a community to support seafarer welfare, but it is also a day filled with fun, food, and fellowship.



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