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What’s New at St. Clare’s – November 4, 2016

Change your Clocks this Saturday Night or you will be late for church!!!  And as part of the National Disaster Preparedness Program, change the batteries in your Smoke Detectors. (One former family at St. Clare’s woke in the middle of the night to that horrible chirp the following Tuesday and regretted the advice in this newsletter!)

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. This day is officially observed on November 1st (All Hallow’s Eve – Halloween being celebrated on Oct. 31st.) We will move it to the next Sunday and remember all those whose lives are now held in God’s eternal embrace. During the Prayers of the People we will name those who are near and dear to us and process in the ribbon & bells banner will names written on them. If you would like to add a name not previously inscribed, there will be ribbons on a table in the Social Hall as you come into church. We will move Healing Prayers to the following week.

Annual Giving Campaign: The Bishop’s Committee will be handing out letters and pledge cards this Sunday to kick off our Annual Giving Campaign for 2017. If you are unable to attend church this Sunday, yours will be mailed to you next week. Please thoughtfully consider your pledge to St. Clare’s and the mission and ministry we provide to not only feed ourselves spiritually, but to follow Christ by caring for those in need.

Here are the readings for this Sunday. http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearC_RCL/HolyDays/AllSaintsC_RCL.html

One of the things Bishop Greg and others talked about was what how well we know scripture. Read even one of the readings designated for the coming week. Read it aloud as a dinner conversation starter, read it to your kids, read it and pray for five minutes asking for clarity, discernment, some tidbit that might enliven your life in God.

Harvest Decorating & Food Collection this weekend. Thanks to our generous donations we brought in over 170lbs of food for the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank. Rick Woodruff took the entire load over on Wednesday and they weighed it in. They were super grateful!

 Walk and Be Well  We got as far as Havana Cuba last week! (326 miles x 10). Will we get to the Canary Islands to watch them build a new telescope to see the heavens? http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/11/backers-embattled-hawaiian-telescope-select-canary-islands-backup-site  Or will we make it to Buenos Aires just in time for Daylight Savings Time to start again? Be there on Sunday to see how far we’ve gone.

Baking Dish If you left a glass Pyrex baking dish at church the Sunday Bishop Greg was here, your pan is in the kitchen.

 Music Sunday will be November 20th. If you would like to offer your gift of music or song to enliven our worship, please talk with Julie Bussing this Sunday. We have several people who have come forward already. This was great fun last year as we wrapped up the liturgical year.

Christmas Caroling Are you interested in Caroling during the Christmas Season? We will schedule time at Red Oak, Regency, North Bend, and perhaps the Snoqualmie Hospital. If you would like to participate, please talk with Patty Baker or Lydia Pozzato.

For anyone who would like to see the results of Diocesan Convention a couple weeks ago, the Bishop’s Office has sent out this link: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1101765871307&ca=05a0e65c-78a0-4244-96b7-07735acd7c6b.


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