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Giving Opportunities FOR SEPT/OCT

We have been fortunate not to dip too deeply into our own resources lately, but there are some opportunities that some of you might want to help out with. Any amount is helpful.

  • $52   Godly Play & Youth Group Supplies
  • $100  Stewardship Workshop
  • $228   Office/Building Maintenance Supplies
  • ???  New Computer in office. The old one is VERY slow and balky (it’s over 5 years old). We need the computer and updated software. If you can contribute to this effort, together we can probably come up with the funds
  • $70  Diocesan Convention Costs



A message from Amy Workman Hi Everyone – After all the months of collecting used clothing and textiles, we are finally going to send our bags away with Clothes for the Cause!  Our final date for collecting will be Sunday, October 2, 2016.  So, we have two more weeks to ask those friends and neighbors to donate and finish cleaning out our closets.  This is also World Communion Sunday, so we will be worshiping at SUMC and then coming back to St. Clare’s for a catered brunch. Just keep your bags in your car until you arrive at St. Clare’s. The CFC truck will be brought to St. Clare’s at 2pm on Oct 2.  If a couple people can stay a little later (well-fortified with good food!) to help load the bags into the truck at 2pm, that would be great!  Another group is collecting at our site and will be there from 3-4pm, so our bags will be kept separate.  Thank you all for getting donations and let me know if you need any help getting them to church by Oct 2nd!  Sincerely, Amy Workman

 Stewardship Workshop with the Rev. Mark Miller on October 1st. We have been offered a great opportunity to meet with the Rev. Mark Miller, a retired pastor whose doctoral thesis was on stewardship. We will meet on October 1st from 1-4pm to hear about how stewardship might be conceived of in a new and energizing way. We will also have the chance to meet one-on-one with Mark to design our own unique program to fit our needs at St. Clare’s. Please let me know if you’re interested in this short-term commitment for a long term investment.

World Communion Sunday October 2nd w/SUMC, Mt. Si ELCA, Fall City UMC. We’ll reprise our combined church service from the past couple of years with worship at 10:30 at SUMC followed by a catered brunch at St. Clare’s. Join us for one of the really great Sunday’s during the year! CHOIR PRACTICE IS AT 7PM ON TUESDAY NIGHTS AT FCUMC. If you would like to be part of the joint choir that sings on this wonderful Sunday, please check it out!


 OCTOBER & NOVEMBER! (How can this be?!)

Soup Kitchen October 12th  Talk with Rick Woodruff or Jeff Waters as we serve those in need with a hot meal when they come to get food at the foodbank. Soups, cookies, milk & juice are always welcome as well as your presence to serve and talk with the patrons. or


 Bishop Greg’s visitation October 16th – Baptisms, confirmations, blessings, etc.  If you are interested in Baptism/Confirmation/Reception when the Bishop Rickel is here for his visitation, please talk to Patty. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith at any stage of your life.

Decorating the church On October 29th at 10am (Saturday) we’ll be decorating the church for a Harvest Celebration. If you have fall decorations that you’d like to bring, please do so. The following day, Sunday October 30th, you are invited to bring non-perishable food to be your offering. Bring as much or as little as you would like, but wouldn’t it be cool to fill the food bank barrel? As was the custom in the early church, and responding to the words of Jesus, we will collect it all and bless it to be giving in thanks to those who need it most.

 Veteran’s Day will be recognized on November 13. If you served in the military you are invited to wear your hat/cap that day. We will offer prayers for all veterans and perhaps there will be more 😉


 Classes at The Priory   There is a newsletter in the Social Hall that lists the fall/winter classes that are offered. You can also check things out online at

Stephen Ministry    A new program in Pastoral Listening is starting on November 5th at Sammamish Presbyterian Church. If you would like to engage in a comprehensive program to develop your listening skills and then use them with those who are in need of Christ-Centered Care, then please talk with me. You can check out the program at

The Rev. Patty Baker

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