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What’s New at St. Clare’s – September 15, 2016

September 11 Sunday: This past Sunday we observed the 15th anniversary of 9/11. In the past several years, the day has been recognized as a Day of Service and Remembrance. In honor of that and all those whose lives were taken and those whose lives are forever changed, we put together Blessing Bags for the Valley Renewal Center’s drop-in lunch program. Twenty-four bags were taken to the American Legion Hall filled with socks, snacks, toothpaste/toothbrushes, chap stick, etc. as part of our Ministry Sunday. Check out a couple photos that are attached. It was good to be of service on such a poignant day. Thanks to all who were there.

Here is the link that Abbie Crane talked about… http://www.redmond.gov/Residents/homelessness I clicked on “Everybody Has a Part” and then, “Learn More about the Issue of Homelessness” and found a sentence about movies dealing with homelessness. I clicked on that, and got a list of movies. I watched “American Winter.”

Many thanks to David Graham who played the piano for our Communion Hymn this past Sunday. It was one of my favorite hymns!

As I said during announcements, over 270 backpacks were handed out to students in the Snoqualmie Valley to begin the school year! Many thanks to all who brought their loose change to fill up the coin bucket…in gratitude we collected over $150 for the effort.

This Sunday will be filled with lots of energy as Godly Play and Youth Group begin. Be there to support our youngest members!


 The readings for this Sunday can be found here: http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearC_RCL/Pentecost/CProp20_RCL.html

Saturday September 17th, 9 – 10:30 – A new Monthly Interfaith Dialogue Join with neighbors from the Muslim Association of Snoqualmie Ridge to begin a series of interfaith dialogues. The first gathering will be at the Snoqualmie Mosque (35324 SE Center St. Unit G. Bldg C, Snoqualmie) with coffee, tea, and breakfast snacks.  Once people have gathered, we’ll settle into small conversational groups.  Each month there will be a faith-related theme to prompt our speaking, listening, and connecting. September’s discussion theme is Neighbors.  Over time we hope to include the whole range of  Snoqualmie Valley’s faith traditions and communities. October’s interfaith dialogue will be at Snoqualmie United Methodist (48701 SE River St. Snoqualmie), Saturday Oct. 22, 9 – 10:30 am.

Godly Play and Youth Group classes begin on September 18th at 10am.  Bring your friends! The youth group will continue every other Sunday for the school year. There are several other activities scheduled throughout the year.


 Stewardship Workshop with the Rev. Mark Miller is on October 1st . We have been offered a great opportunity to meet with the Rev. Mark Miller, a retired pastor whose doctoral thesis was on stewardship. We will meet on October 1st from 1-4pm to hear about how stewardship might be conceived of in a new and energizing way. We will also have the chance to meet one-on-one with Mark to design our own unique program to fit our needs at St. Clare’s. Please let me know if you’re interested in this short-term commitment for a long term investment.

World Communion Sunday October 2nd –  We’ll reprise our combined church service from the past couple of years with worship at 10:30 at Snoqualmie United Methodist Church followed by a catered brunch at St. Clare’s. Join us for one of the really great Sunday’s during the year! Choir practice is at 7pm on Tuesday evenings at Fall City United Methodist Church. If you would like to be part of the joint choir that sings on this wonderful Sunday, please check it out!

 Soup Kitchen October 12th  Talk with Rick Woodruff or Jeff Waters as we serve those in need with a hot meal when they come to get food at the food bank. Soups, cookies, milk & juice are always welcome as well as your presence to serve and talk with the patrons.

 Bishop Greg’s visitation October 16th  Baptisms, confirmations, blessings, etc.  If you are interested in Baptism/Confirmation/Reception when the Bishop Rickel is here for his visitation on October 16, please talk to Rev Patty Baker. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith at any stage of your life.

  • Baptisms can be performed by anyone in an emergency, but are usually reserved for special days during the Church year.
  • Confirmation in the Episcopal Church is a formal and public commitment of faith. It involves the laying on of hands by a bishop and requires that you be at least old enough to declare your own faith. This is often done when an older child or adult who was baptized as an infant or young child now takes on the responsibility for the faith their Godparents made for them years ago.
  • Reception is for those who have been baptized and confirmed, but in another denomination, but who are now practicing Episcopalians and would like their faith to be acknowledged in the church where they worship and find meaning.
  • One may also receive a blessing from the bishop during his visitation as an affirmation and re-committing to ones journey. This might be something to consider if you are at a different stage in your life that you were when you were confirmed and want to be blessed as you deepen your walk with God.

Any and all of these are available when Bishop Greg is here in October. If the Holy Spirit is nudging you to explore these things more, please let me know. We will provide time to gather and explore the many ways the Spirit is at work in our lives.

The Rev. Patty Baker


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