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If you are interested in Baptism/Confirmation/Reception when the Bishop Rickel is here for his visitation on October 16, please talk to Patty. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith at any stage of your life.

  • Baptisms can be performed by anyone in an emergency, but are usually reserved for special days during the Church year. A priest is usually the officiant.
  • Confirmation in the Episcopal Church is a formal and public commitment of faith. It involves the laying on of hands by a bishop and requires that you be at least old enough to declare your own faith. This is often done when an older child or adult who was baptized as an infant or young child now takes on the responsibility for the faith their Godparents made for them years ago.
  • Reception is for those who have been baptized and confirmed, but in another denomination, but who are now practicing Episcopalians and would like their faith to be acknowledged in the church where they worship and find meaning.
  • One may also receive a blessing from the bishop during his visitation as an affirmation and re-committing to ones journey. This might be something to consider if you are at a different stage in your life that you were when you were confirmed and want to be blessed as you deepen your walk with God.

Any and all of these are available when Bishop Greg is here in October. If the Holy Spirit is nudging you to explore these things more, please let me know. We will provide time to gather and explore the many ways the Spirit is at work in our lives.

Youth Group Last Sunday a great group of middle school youth painted their new classroom/hangout space and I was able to go over to there to offer them communion in that space for the first time. They were very excited as am I for a great year for them. They will need all of our support over the coming months to keep the program going and growing! Please help out in any way you can when Sheila Strehle and/or Julia Richman need help (your time, talents, and treasure). I’m looking forward to taking a turn with the youth at some point during the year! Who wants to preach to the adults? Class will begin on September 18th at 10am and continue every other Sunday for the school year. There are several other activities scheduled throughout the year.

Godly Play will begin on September 18th as well. Hannah Fairbrook is looking forward to having all kids 3-4 and older with her for the first half of the service.

Back to School program A box of school supplies and a check for over $100 was given to the Back to School program in the Valley. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the “Change in the Bucket” over the past couple of years. We have raised over $750 which has gone into Valley efforts to help those in need!


 Monthly Interfaith Dialogues Join with neighbors from the Muslim Association of Snoqualmie Ridge to begin a series of interfaith dialogues starting Saturday September 17th, 9 – 10:30. The first gathering will be at the Snoqualmie Mosque (35324 SE Center St. Unit G. Bldg C, Snoqualmie) with coffee, tea, and breakfast snacks.  Once people have gathered, we’ll settle into small conversational groups.  Each month there will be a faith-related theme to prompt our speaking, listening, and connecting. September’s discussion theme is Neighbors.  Over time we hope to include the whole range of  Snoqualmie Valley’s faith traditions and communities. October’s interfaith dialogue will be at Snoqualmie United Methodist (48701 SE River St. Snoqualmie), Saturday Oct. 22, 9 – 10:30 am.

Cybersecurity These days we are all connected to “the cloud”. This connection brings along with it cybersecurity threats. Find out about the top 5 security threats at the Microsoft website shown below. There is also as webinar you can watch where you’ll learn about: Protecting against identity compromise and identify breaches before they cause damage; Ensuring device security while enabling mobile work for your users; and, the unique perspective Microsoft brings to cybersecurity

ER-D for relief from the US Gulf Coast flooding this past month. If you would like to contribute to the recovery efforts, make your donation to

Underhill House offers training session. A quiet place to pause for prayer, Underhill House is open Thursdays, 12-2 p.m. half a block east of Broadway on Republican on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Come discern whether you’d like to greet, listen and pray with our guests. The next training session will be in October (we’ll poll to set a date when most interested people can attend). If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact The Rev. Susan Dean at by September 19.





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