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What’s New at St. Clare’s – August 25

This Weekend at St. Clare’s

The readings for this Sunday can be found here: http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearC_RCL/Pentecost/CProp17_RCL.html

Wedding Leigh Stone and Pat Gravseth will exchange wedding vows this Saturday at 5pm. If you were planning to stop by to set up for Sunday or work in the yard, please try again at another time.

Youth Group News Sheila Strehle says, “We will paint and prepare the youth group classroom after church this Sunday the 28th (around 11:30 or whenever church ends). Julia Richman will prime the “tree art” wall for us on Saturday, so we will just need to paint it. I will bring a can of paint. I’m going to suggest to the youth that we start with one wall and see how it feels, rather than paint all walls blue (their color pic) to avoid feeling like we are in a “cave.” We will also arrange the area, clearing out unnecessary materials and leaving space for our soon-to-be-acquired seating, as well as any touch-up cleaning. I do not expect this will take more than an hour or two, max. Would love to see your youth stop by and help make the “new” classroom their own!”

Hacked My personal Facebook site was hacked yesterday, 8/25…not the St. Clare’s one. PLEASE don’t friend me…it is a lure to get into your facebook app and wreak havoc on your friends. My profile page has a broom (as in making a clean sweep of things – although there have been some comments made about my ability to fly the thing!) Check out this link if you should happen to have this happen to you!  http://facecrooks.com/Internet-Safety-Privacy/How-Edit-Your-Facebook-Friends-List-Why-You-Should.html/

The Rev. Patty Baker


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