THIS SUNDAY AT ST. CLARE’S Here are the readings for this coming Sunday. This summer we have two choices for the lectionary and we will be following Tract 1. This tract allows us to hear consecutive stories from scripture over the weeks rather than hearing things that may perhaps be a bit more disjointed.


Vacation Bible School is coming to Mt. Si Lutheran.  Join us in ancient Egypt! You’ll explore Pharaoh’s palace, experience thrilling “real-life” dramas, play high-energy games, sample tasty snacks, and hear unforgettable music. Plus, you’ll meet lots of new friends! The adventure starts on July 31st and ends on August 4th from 6-8PM. Register on website or call for questions…Debbie Jones 425-888-1322,

Coins for School Supplies:  Bring your loose coins and school supplies to St. Clare’s! If you would like to help purchase school supplies for kids in the Snoqualmie Valley School district this fall, please shop for the usual items and bring them to St. Clare’s. We will also collect money in the paint bucket throughout the summer. All proceeds will go to the program. If you’d like to help with collecting, sorting, packing, and delivery, please contact: Janey Benson at

The Work-party on June 12th was a great success, but there are a few more projects around the church that could be done over the summer by one or two people who have a couple hours to give to the Church. Mostly these are outdoor projects since the weather was not so good on the 12th, but others are inside. Please talk to Patty if you’re interested.


Stewardship Workshop: On October 1st, Mark Henry Miller, UMC pastor will offer a workshop on Stewardship. This will be a wonderful opportunity for St. Clare’s to ponder new ways of looking at this important topic that most of us think about with dread. Stewardship is not just about money, it is about all we do after we say “I believe.” Please plan to join me for this one-day workshop. More details to follow.

Bishop’s Visitation: On October 16th, Bishop Greg Rickel will make his visitation to St. Clare’s. Bishop Greg will preach and preside at our worship and will also offer Confirmation, Reception, and baptism for those who are interested. We will have classes in the fall to prepare, so if you have any interest, please let Patty Baker know.


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