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Posts from September 2015

What’s New

I know many of you have been saddened by the images of Syrian refugees resulting from years of conflict and war. Lives are uprooted, scarred, and lost. Families are torn apart, friends given up on, and children traumatized. While we here in the Snoqualmie Valley may not be directly affected, we see the scenes on…

What’s New – September 10th

WHAT’S NEW AT ST. CLARE’S As the new school year begins, the leaves start to change, and the sun is lower in the horizon, things start changing at St. Clare’s as well. For those of you who have enjoyed the wonderful summer with vacations & other time away, I look forward to Sunday morning worship…

What’s New – Sept 3rd

Welcome to September! It came in a couple days early with quite a storm! And as of today, lots of our kids (and a few of us) are back in the classrooms for another year of school. We blessed all those who were in church last Sunday, but I continue to hold all of you…