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What’s New – August 13th

ReadingsThis Sunday’s we will celebrate the feast of St. Clare’s whose death on August 11, 1253 is recognized throughout the Church. You can read the lessons here:




StClareSt. Clare of Assisi. Read a short biography of this faithful woman at the bottom of this newsletter





You may still bring items for the School Backpack project and help out with filling the backpacks and delivering them to the Foodbank on August 19 and 26. See below for details. Contact Janey Benson for more information.

July 12th through Aug 12th Weekly inventory supplies. Dates to be determined, flexible days (2 people) and purchase supplies.
Aug 16th (Sun) 11:00 am Set up supplies in the fellowship hall (6-8 people)
Aug 17th (Mon) 10:00 am Fill the backpacks with school supplies. (10-12 people)
Aug 19th (Wed) 8:00 am Transport the backpacks from Mt Si Lutheran to the food bank (4-5 people)
Aug 19th and Aug 26th (Wed) 2 hour shifts between 8:30-Am-6:30 PM Distribute the backpacks to the students at the food bank.


SoupKitchenSoup Kitchen will be August 12th at the North Bend Community Church. Watch for more details, but we will most likely need a few pots of soup, & sandwich making items. Talk with Rick Woodruff for more information.





Our next BC Meeting will be this Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. All meetings are open to the congregation if you are interested in attending.





We will be painting the trim on the church after worship beginning on August 16th. If you’d like to help out, bring a sack lunch and wear your painting clothes. We will be finishing up the dark gray trim around windows, doorways, and eaves. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WEATHER…WE WILL NOT PAINT IF IT’S WET OR OVER 85 DEGREES.




WILL YOU BE READY? Please sign up on the white board or respond to this email. We will gather after church on August 30th for an informal conversation about disaster preparedness and what we can do as individuals, families, and a church body.


Godly Play


We are looking for a Godly Play instructor to begin this fall. If you, or someone you know might be interested, please let me know.




St. Clare of Assisi (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253)

StClareClare was born in Assisi, Italy, in 1193 to wealthy parents, and was taught to read and write as well as spin yarn and do needlework. She had little interest in her luxurious surroundings (she lived in a palace), and influenced by her mother’s religious devotion, Clare dedicated her life to God at an early age. She also showed early on that her calling would involve helping the poor, as she set aside food from her family table to give to the needy on the streets.

When Clare was 18, Francis of Assisi came to preach in the church of San Giorgio at Assisi. Inspired by his words, Clare asked Francis to help her in dedicating her life to God, and he vowed to do so. The following year (1211), Clare’s parents chose a wealthy young man for Clare to marry, but she pointedly refused, fleeing soon after for the Porziuncola Chapel, where Francis received her. She took vows dedicating her life to God, and that moment, occurring on March 20, 1212, marked the beginning of the Second Order of St. Francis.

Clare’s sister Agnes soon joined her, and they moved to the Church of San Damiano, recently rebuilt by Francis. It wasn’t long before other women joined them, and San Damiano’s residents, known for their ascetic lifestyle, became known as the “Poor Ladies.” (Known as the Order of San Damiano, 10 years after Clare’s death the order would be renamed the Order of Saint Clare.)

Clare became the abbess of San Damiano in 1216, and, while spending her days doing manual labor and praying, she began dedicating much of her time to changing the governing rule (established by the pope) of the order from the Benedictine spirit to one of the newly established Franciscan rule. (Two days before Clare died, Pope Innocent IV finally approved her request.) The order became known for its life of abject poverty and committed life of prayer, prayer that Clare used to attain worldly victories that are credited with saving Assisi on two occasions.

The first involved Clare raising the Host up in a window, thereby causing Frederick II’s invading troops to fall back. In the second instance, Assisi was again under attack. Clare and her nuns prayed for the safety of their town, and a storm swept in and scattered the attackers.

Clare cared for Francis toward the end of his life and was with him when he died in 1226. Afterward, despite ill health, Clare continued to promote the growth of her order until her death in 1253. In August 1255, Pope Alexander IV canonized Clare, and today the Order of St. Clare numbers more than 20,000 sisters worldwide, with more than 70 countries represented.


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